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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Willow Creek AC Match Results

Willow Creek Angling Club

Match Results For
Sunday 28/06/2015

1st. Pete Edwards. 40lb 14oz. Peg T1

2nd. Keith Jones. 19lb 3oz. Peg T9

3rd. Jason Ford. 11lb 12oz.  Peg T10

4th. Andy Waller. 10lb 10oz. Peg S17
This week's match was fished on the Seckley and Trolls sections, and it was the Trolls pegs that dominated the main frame. Pete Edwards took 9 barbel some quality roach and a chub on feeder fished ambush pellets for a comfortable win on peg T1. Keith Jones was runner up from T9 with 4 barbel on similar tactics. Jason Ford was third with two barbel from T10. Top weight at Seckley was Andy Waller who took 1 large barbel and a chub on meat.

Despite the lower than expected returns from Seckley today, there have been some reports of very large catches of both chub and barbel this week with pleasure anglers enjoying good sport throughout the week on all pegs.

The draw for the next match on Sunday 5th July will be held in the car park of the Bewdley Hotel (formerly Black Boy Hotel) at 9:00am.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Willow Creek Angling Club Results

Sunday 21.06.2015

 Willow Creek AC

1st. Geoff Brierley. 24lb 13oz. Peg S7

2nd. Jason Ford. 13lb 7oz. Peg S15

3rd. Keith Jones. 10lb 5oz. Peg S5

4th. Phil Brookes. 7lb 14oz. Peg S2

10 fished on a low clear river that had fallen a further 4 inches from Tuesday's opening day of the season. Winner Geoff Brierley was drawn just above the Victoria Bridge and caught 3 barbel and 2 chub on feeder fished ambush pellets. Jason Ford was runner up from just above the gate at the bottom end of the length and also caught on ambush pellets taking 4 small barbel and small chub. Keith Jones took 1 good barbel on pellet and a number of large perch on caster from between the rocky channels on peg 5. The fishing is steadily improving with almost all anglers taking at least one barbel.Next week's match will again be drawn outside the Bewdley Hotel (formerly Black Boy Hotel) at 9:00am.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

First Match Of The Open Season

Open Season Results
1st. Lynn Harris. 31lb 2oz  Peg S17
2nd. Chris Taylor. 10lb 6oz Peg S10
3rd. Keith Jones. 7lb 12oz.  Peg S8
4th. Geoff Brierley. 7lb 2oz. Peg S1

12 fished on a fairly low clear river in bright sunny conditions. It was a tough first day of the season for most though. Winner Lynn Harris romped to a convincing victory from the end peg at Seckley Cottage taking 6 barbel on feeder fished ambush pellets. Chris Taylor took second spot from the ford just below the car park with 3 barbel which were also taken on pellets. Third placed Keith Jones drawn on the peg directly under the Victoria Bridge took one large chub and a couple of smaller chub and eels on caster.
Draw for Sunday's match will be at 9:00am. We are meeting at the Bewdley Hotel (formerly Black Boy Hotel) car park for the draw.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Willow Creek Angling Club

Today's results from Top Barn Farm.Saturday 13.06.2015.
1st Jason Ford. 64lb 12oz
2nd Steve Jackson. 59lb 11oz
3rd Geoff Brierley. 59lb 2oz
4th Nigel Fielder. 58lb 7oz
5th Adam Vaughan. 55lb 15oz

The last of the close season 'Knock Up' matches at Top Barn was a very wet affair but probably the closest finish this year with 5 anglers all in with a shout at the final weigh in.Jason Ford took top spot from his favourite peg on the point with carp caught mainly in the margins on method feeder. Steve Jackson was runner up for the second week running from the life buoy peg. Steve's catch again featured some very large carp caught in the margin next to the fallen tree. Geoff Brierley was just ounces behind in third place from the middle of the long bank. Nigel Fielder and Adam Vaughan also placed 50lb plus weights on the scales from pegs by the car park and middle of the long bank respectively.

The next outing for Willow Creek members is the opening day of the season 'knock up' on the river at Seckley. The draw will be held on the bank at midday. Hopefully the rain this weekend should not affect the river levels too much.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Willow Creek Angling Club

Top Barn Results
1st Phil Baker. 91lb 5oz

2nd Steve Jackson. 67lb 10oz

3rd Geoff Brierley. 60lb 2oz

4th Adam Vaughan. 53lb 0oz
10 fished around the point on a bright and sunny but also very windy day. We shared the pool with another large match for the second week running and despite many fish clearly spawning, weights were very much improved on last week.

Reigning Bewdley Festival champion Phil Baker took full advantage of the point peg and comfortably took top spot with a catch of quality carp to 11lb 2oz. Phil caught on meat and pellet method feeder tactics and incredibly landed every fish he hooked. Runner up Steve Jackson also had a net of large fish from the life buoy peg next to the large bush at the far end of the lake on similar tactics. Geoff Brierley was third from the first peg next to the car park taking smaller carp on method feeder with a couple on the waggler when the wind eased.
Adam Vaughan then led a string of good back up weights from a peg in the middle of the long bank.
There is one more match at Top Barn next week.
Meet and draw on the bank at 9.00am
We will then be returning to the river for an afternoon match on the opening day of the season Tuesday 16th June. Contact Jason Ford to confirm time and location of draw for the river match.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Top Barn 30.05.2015

Saturday’s Top Barn Results

1st Geoff Brierley. 51lb 3oz

2nd Steve Musset. 32lb 6oz

3rd Adam Vaughan. 31lb 15oz

4th Dean Rutter. 28lb 1oz


10 fished around the point in a chilly breeze. The colder than expected conditions combined with a very busy lake with another 25 plus anglers opposite made for lower than expected returns.
Winner Geoff Brierley was pegged in the small bay just before the point and caught carp mainly on method feeder with a couple on the pellet waggler. Bewdley Tackle's Steve Musset was second from the peg on the left hand side of the point facing the sticks. Steve also caught his fish on method feeder tactics. Adam Vaughan was close behind in third from a peg facing the long bank.

We are fishing two more matches at Top Barn before the river season opens. Draw on the bank at 9.00am.

Top Barn 23.05.2015

Saturday 23.05.2015
Top Barn Fisheries

Today's results were as follows :-

1st. Geoff Brierley. 83lb 6oz

2nd. Nigel Fielder. 79lb 9oz

3rd. Chris Taylor. 54lb 6oz

4th. Dean Rutter.  54lb 4oz
10 fished along the roadside and long bank in bright sunny conditions. The final weigh in was a tight affair with Geoff Brierley just clinching top spot from the second peg on the roadside bank. Geoff took mainly small carp on method feeder with 6mm pellet and crucially a couple of larger fish from the margins on meat in the final stages. Nigel Fielder fishing on the next peg on the landing stage adjacent to the car park also caught mainly small carp on method feeder with pellets and meat. There were only ounces in the fight for third with Chris Taylor just pipping Dean Rutter who had a number of large carp to 11lb in his catch. Both Chris and Dean caught on method feeder and were pegged on the long bank under the trees.