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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Willow Creek Angling Club

Sunday 1st March 2015

1st Keith Jones 5lb 14oz Peg S7 (1 Barbel pellet)

2nd Jon Harcourt 4lb 6oz Peg S9 (1 Barbel caster)
                   3rd Geoff Brierley 2lb 14oz Peg S15 (2 Chub Pellet and Meat)

A tough and at times miserable day with very strong wind and heavy rain. The match started with the river approximately 5 1/2 feet up but the level fell slowly throughout the day.
Lets hope the river will continue falling and with a rise in temperature we should hopefully have a bumper end to the river season

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Wednesday's Match Result 18.02.2015

1st Jason Ford with 11LB 13oz off Peg S1
2 Barbel Caught On Ambush Severn Valley Barbel Products Pellets...
2nd John Knight (AKA Silver Surfer) with 6LB 1oz Peg S7
3rd Andy Waller with 4LB 10oz off Peg S4

Monday, 16 February 2015

Willow Creek Angling Club

Results From The Weekend

Saturday 14.02.2015

West Bromwich Albion 4 - West Ham 0

Sunday 15.02.2015

1st Jason Ford with 20LB 10oz off Peg S7
Consisting of 3 Barbel & 1 Chub

2nd Geoff Brierley with 5LB 10oz off Peg S9

3rd Pete Edwards with 1LB 12oz off Peg S8

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Stourport Match Results

Marks Fishing Tackle
11 Raven Street
DY13 8UU...
Telephone 01299 871735
Fax 01299 829081

1st Andy Price 15lb -12oz peg 79a
2nd Bob Harris 12lb 11oz peg 82
3rd Nigel Marchington 10lb 6oz peg 83
4th Rob Blight 8lb 15oz peg 54
5th Norman Wilson 7lb 14oz peg 81
6th Gary Owen 6lb 13oz peg43

28 anglers on low but pacey river, Mark decided to leave out bottom 5 pegs to try and even things up after Thursday match results, and this still happened,!!!!!!!!!
Andy price drawing the same peg that he won from last week, wins again this time with roach /few dace (last week was dace), stick float tactics bronze maggots feeding 3 pints, 2nd place Bob Harris peg 82 also stick floated maggot for his 12lb
Third place Nigel Marchington pegged below on peg 83 bolo fished bread punch for fewer but bigger roach for 10lb

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Willow Creek Angling Club
Results For Sunday

1st Steve Jackson. 29lb 8oz. Peg T9
2nd Adam Vaughan. 27lb 12oz. Peg S8
3rd Geoff Brierley. 10lb 11oz. Peg T12

11 fished on a very low clear river. Visitor Steve Jackson took top spot taking 7 Barbel from Trolls peg 9 on feeder fished ambush pellets. Adam Vaughan was runner up on Seckley peg 8 with 4 Barbel on meat and pellets, with his biggest fish tipping the scales at 10lb 7oz.
Geoff Brierley took third with 1 small Barbel and a number of large roach on feeder fished ambush pellets at Trolls peg 12
Below His Adam Vaughan With His 10LB  4oz Barbel

Monday, 8 September 2014

Willow Creek Angling Club


1st Matt Hamilton.   19lb 5oz.  Peg T1

2nd Keith Jones.    17lb 3oz.   Peg T2

3rd Rick Burton. 11lb 2oz. Peg T10

4th Lynn Harris.   10lb 8oz.   Peg S5

The match was fished on a low river still carrying a touch of colour, but most of the 10 anglers struggled in the sunny conditions. Guest Matt Hamilton took first place from Trolls Peg T1. Matt caught 4 large chub and perch on maggot feeder and one barbel on meat. Second placed Keith Jones caught 3 barbel and perch on feeder fished casters right over on Peg T2. Rick Burton caught perch for third on Trolls Peg T10. Lynn Harris came fourth and landed the biggest fish of the day, a 10lb 4oz barbel from Seckley Peg S5

We are fishing again next Sunday 14th Sept.

Lynn pictured below with her double @ 10lb 4oz